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Ramp Rental

Our rental program is often the perfect solution when you find yourself in need of a wheelchair ramp. Not only do we offer customized ramp solutions, we do it at unheard of low rental rates. Seriously, we drive the competition crazy! Compare our rates to the other guys, we are usually at least 50% less. That's the StairLift HeadQuarters Advantage; Low Prices, Great Products, and the Best Service. Now, that's what we call VALUE!

Woops, we almost forgot to mention our newest value added idea. To make our ramp rental program even better, now all of our rentals are "rent to own" at no additional cost. This means that 75% of everything you pay for your ramp rental is credited to the purchase of your ramp. This is really helpful if your situation changes and you find that you need your ramp longer then planned. This is also a great way to pay off your ramp over time instead of making a large up front payment!

We are more then pleased to offer a no cost, no pressure, no obligation home assessment. Call us anytime at 866-549-8893.

Ramp Rental Pricing

Ramp rental pricing depends on the specific configuration needed for your home. In general, the longer the ramp, the higher the installation and rental rates.

Our average installation cost range between $295-$795.
Our monthly rental rates range between $99-$275

A recent pricing comparison with our largest competitor showed that our monthly rental rates are 60% less. On average our customers save $276 a month compared to the competition!